About RSP Road Safety Patrol

The tremendous increase in the population and the industrial growth of India after Independence brought about a proportionate increase in the number of motor vehicles and consequently a rise in road accidents.

Knowledge of "Traffic Safety" is very important for everyone in today's scientific era, and especially for today's students. To achieve this purpose, the training of "Traffic Safety" in Surat city and many other smaller cities of India is given by establishing "Road Safety Protection".

With the progress of time, humans have gathered in the knowledge world to achieve their progress. And knowledge about "Traffic Safety" is very important. We will naturally ask that this knowledge is essential. So there are many reasons for this.

The police established a Propaganda Section in 1948 dealing with the educational aspect of road safety. Concentration on road safety. Concentration on school children formed part of the campaign. School were visited and films on road safety were shown to the children followed by lectures on behavior on the roads to prevent accidents. The response from both the school and the children was highly commendable. Policeman were posted outside large schools to help the children in crossing the roads. Such assistance could not be continued due to paucity of staff and necessity to deploy the Policeman elsewhere for general traffic duties.

RSP (Road Safety Petrol) has been launched from Mumbai's Traffic Police since 1948. The RSP Institute in Surat started in 1962 with the Surat junior Chamber. Me and many of my other friends joined the RSP from the 15th August 1967. Thereafter, many schools and students of Surat city like T & TV Public High School, I P Mission High School, Sadhan School, Saraswati Vidyalaya, Akhand Anand School, Lourdes Convent High School, etc. have joined. In this institute, about 700 volunteers every Saturday, Sundays, Janmashtami, Tabut Visarjan, Ganesh Visarjan, flood in Tapi river, Ranji Trophy match, Shantinath Mall accident, Babri Masjid demolition, Godhra incident etc. Surat city police, during natural and man-made disaster Staying in and staying in constant peace. And after this we was started RSP institute in Navsari, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Daman etc. The main purpose of the RSP organization is to provide traffic guidance in schools and colleges and the public. The way we get there - the percentage of the accident will be reduced. Here in every 24 hours, 2 minutes and 36 seconds has done one road accident.

As the traffic congestion increases in the area. As such, human life goes into crisis in fear of unhappiness. Every year in Surat, many people die as victims of "traffic accidents". A person suffering from this accident should have knowledge of "traffic safety" from childhood.

We are a citizen of the coming period. We have to give our priceless contribution to the development of our country. Is India not an ideal citizen, is it an invaluable contribution to the good welfare of India? However, today the science has progressed so much that almost everything is possible. But there are still some serious accidents. That's where our life becomes helpless.

Therefore, due to all such reasons knowledge about "Traffic Safety" is essential and inevitable for each and every student of today.

About RSA Road Safety Academy

As per ‘THE TIMES OF INDIA’ daily newspaper report, every 15 minutes there is a road accident in Gujarat state, and a life is lost every hour on road. Two wheeler and car drivers are the majority involved. Periodic vehicle inspections and driver training is at regular intervals are required for reducing the accidents on Indian roads. This can be help to improve our society.

RSA (Road Safety Academy) has conducted traffic awareness seminars and training camps for school children in Surat District during my tenure. Now, I wish to impart them my knowledge and experience in traffic awareness to the children of Gujarat State. After all, India’s future is in their hands.

Road safety training is necessary in every rural area, and we must emphasis on helmets and seat belts, reflective tapes, drivers back view mirror, rear lamps, traffic awareness bill boards should be in Gujarati, Hindi, and English language etc...